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Whole-Food Plant-Based Personal Chef, Cooking Classes, Dinner Parties

Personal Chef Service 

You arrive home late from a long day at work.  The kids are hungry, asking "What's for dinner?".  The dog needs to be walked, the phone is ringing, you have to drive a child to soccer practice in an hour (and bring a snack), and when you open the refrigerator a cold and empty wind fills the kitchen.  As the old commercial said, "What's a mother (or father)  to do?"  Fast food drive through again?

Now imagine this same scene, but when the refrigerator is opened there is the sound of trumpets blaring a fanfare amidst rays of light shining out!  The Duke of Fork has been in your kitchen, and has filled the refrigerator with tasty, nutritious meals that only need to be reheated, all custom designed to meet your dietary needs and tastes.  The "What's for dinner?" question has been answered.  All you have to do is heat and enjoy.  No more fast food or frozen meals that are loaded with sodium and chemical preservatives.

My personal chef service is designed to provide you with great tasting, well balanced meals while giving you back many hours a week in which you can do the things you love instead of shopping, cooking, and washing dishes.  It's ideal for anyone: busy families, senior citizens, young singles with an active lifestyle, or those who want to eat convenient, healthy meals but don't know where to start or have time to shop and cook.

During the initial consultation, we'll talk about the foods you like or don't like to eat, dietary needs, restrictions, or allergies, any goals you might have such as weight loss, and schedule the first cooking date in your home.  Prior to the cooking date, I will send you a customized menu for your approval.  On the cooking date, I will shop for the freshest ingredients available, prepare the meals in your home, and store the meals in your refrigerator or freezer with specific heating instructions.  You walk into a kitchen that is clean and filled with the wonderful aromas of good food, and a refrigerator that is fully stocked with delicious meals for your family. 

I would be delighted to provide a no-cost initial consultation to discuss your needs.  Contact me at or use the Contact form to schedule an appointment.

Cooking Classes 

Trying to eat healthier but not sure where to start?  There is no better way to enhance your cooking skills than with a private lesson in the familiarity of your own kitchen.  No need to go to the local cookware store- I'll bring the classroom directly to you and tailor the session for your individual needs.  Classes will include all of the basics to get you started on preparing mouth-watering, plant-based meals including:
  • Menu planning for a plant-based diet
  • Vegetable protein (beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds)
  • Soups and sauces
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Desserts
  • "Dude's Night Out": cooking classes for dudes, by a dude
  • Other topics upon request
All classes will focus on preparation of plant-based meals using no processed foods.  Watch this web site or contact me for more details, pricing and scheduling.  Individual or group classes up to ten students.  Invite your friends!

Public cooking classes and demonstrations are held frequently- check my welcome page for the latest offerings.

Dinner Parties and Classes 

Have you ever missed your own dinner party because you were busy in the kitchen preparing food, serving, entertaining, and cleaning up?  I'm here to help!  After meeting with you to plan the menu and details of your dinner party, I will handle everything from shopping, to preparing and serving the meal, and cleaning up while you enjoy the company of your guests.  For extra fun, couple this with a short cooking lesson for your guests before sitting down to enjoy a delicious, multi-course plant-based meal.  Sound good?  Contact me to discuss the details of your next dinner party.

Gift Certificates 

Give the gift that everyone loves and can't live without:  food!  A gift certificate for personal chef service, dinner party, or in-home cooking class will certainly create a fun, exciting, and memorable gift for any special occasion such as:
  • Birthday: How about a fun cooking class with friends to celebrate?
  • Anniversary: A romantic dinner prepared and served in the home to mark the special day.
  • New parents: Who has time to cook with a new baby in the house?
  • Newlyweds: Let me show the happy couple the best uses for those new kitchen gadgets.
  • Housewarming:  Move in, sit down and eat!
  • Graduation: There is life beyond ramen noodles.
  • Recovery from illness or surgery: Nutritious, fully prepared meals to help with the healing process.

Contact me at  for details, or use the form on the "Contact" page.

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