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Looking for ways to help you feel terrific all year long through movement and healthy eating? This workshop is for you!  Begin with a 90-minute session with Yoga Tune Up® certified instructor and registered yoga teacher Loretta Zedella as she teaches you simple techniques using foam rollers and therapy balls to release tension from the body and mind. Then, learn how a healthy, plant-based diet is a wonderful complement to your yoga practice or any exercise routine with Chef Mark and a 90-minute cooking demonstration and sampling! We would love to bring this workshop to your community center, place of employment, church, or other location. Please use the Contact form or email me at for additional information.

Loretta Zedella is an experienced yoga teacher and a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor with over thirteen years yoga teaching experience, who also assists Chef Mark as "The Duchess of Fork."

She has been teaching yoga since 2002 and teaching at Ohio Wesleyan University and Dublin Recreation Center since 2004. She is respected by students throughout the area for her practical yet light-hearted teaching methods.

Loretta specializes in using yoga therapy balls and therapeutic movement to help us each reveal ease of body and peace of mind. She has shared these workshops with thousands of people at many varied locations including Franklin Park Conservatory, Dawes Arboretum and many yoga studios.

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